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A Luxe Recess
Can Take Many Forms

That’s why we specialize in customized travel planning for families, couples and multi-generational groups. Every trip, whether a bucket-list destination for the entire family, or a romantic getaway for mom and dad, should be special. 

We think about travel as a sequence of curated experiences that are personalized for every client. 

Parents planning summer vacations, spring breaks, trips to Disney, and holiday travel are our bread and butter. We work with you to determine what types of experiences your family would enjoy most, taking into consideration children’s ages and your family’s travel style.

We also help clients plan ahead, mapping out bucket list destinations for years to come so that every family chooses the right vacations for that phase in life. Whether your family wants a grand European tour or an outdoorsy break in Montana, we will help you plan down to the last detail so that every trip is one to remember.

Family Getaways

Making the Most of School Vacations

Let’s face it, every parent needs some time away. We love helping parents plan that much-needed break to reconnect. At Luxe Recess, we take the time to research and review adult-only vacations, as well as family-friendly destinations.

We can recommend anything from the perfect Napa itinerary to the most romantic hotels in Paris. Celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary? We will create a trip that incorporates every detail from celebration dinners to swoon-worthy suites. Let us help you invest in the most important relationship of all: each other. 

Kid-Free Breaks

Making Time for Each Other

Coordinating travel for your own family can be hard enough, but what happens when you need to plan a trip for a large group? At Luxe Recess, we know that milestone vacations with extended family or friends are extraordinarily special. They can also be extraordinarily complicated.

Let us take over the details and help you plan the trip of a lifetime. Whether your whole family is going abroad to celebrate their heritage or headed to Disney with all the grandkids, we can ease your burden by planning every detail. We love group celebrations and can take over the logistics involved in multi-family travel. Because in the end, aren’t the best trips shared with those you love most?

Traveling with the Whole Gang

The More the Merrier

What are the best cruise lines for families? Luxe Recess plans all luxury family cruises with brands like Disney, Ritz Carlton Yacht, Explora Journeys, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and more. And the Four Seasons Yacht is just around the corner!

If you do not know what cruise line you wish to sail, I ask you to schedule a cruise vacation planning call for us to get to know you and help you explore your options. If you already know the cruise line you’d like to try, complete this form for a quote, and let’s get started! 

The Best Family Cruises

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