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It Started with Honest Hotel Reviews for Parents

At Luxe Recess, we know that travel is about more than just a vacation. It’s about curating experiences, fostering relationships, and creating memories that your family will cherish for a lifetime. 

Luxe Recess was founded by Robin Hutson in 2014 in order to provide families with expert luxury travel advice. Today, Luxe Recess is both magazine and travel agency.

The growing Luxe Recess team of advisors, writers, editors, and events specialists are dedicated to informing, creating, and convening extraordinary moments with your favorite people.

You know those parenting moments when you are away from home, with no dishes to wash or emails to return? Free from the drain of your daily responsibilities, you have found a shared experience with your kids that makes you feel exhilarated, curious and engaged. You are present and connected as a family. You feel joy.

Those are the deeper, more soul feeding moments that make a Luxe Recess. I wish you many, many of them during your family time together.

Childhood vacations are formative experiences that create vivid, enduring memories. Every experience, every adventure becomes a lasting chapter in your family’s story.

This is what drives my passion as a travel advisor. I want to help your family create a well of memories that endure long after the trip has ended.

YOUR Luxury Travel Advisor

Where will you go to find your next Luxe Recess? 

I’m Robin Hutson

I founded Luxe Recess in 2014 to help parents in their vacation planning with a focus on the greatest luxury of all: connection.

When I design a family vacation, my goal is to create a sequence of moments to foster joy and connection. I believe in down time, moments of awe, and experiential learning to help a family feel truly present with each other.

What is a Luxe Recess?

At Luxe Recess, we want to make every part of your journey an elevated experience. 

Maybe you love researching hotels and destinations, but would like help upgrading your reservations with our VIP amenities.

Or maybe you have no idea where you want to vacation and need a custom proposal of researched options based on your past favorites.

Or you feel overwhelmed planning a theme park vacation. Or you have been tasked with organizing a trip for the extended family and need to call in the professionals to plan a custom itinerary to keep everyone happy.

Wherever you are in the process, we can help.

Let’s get to know each other


Our First Trip to Ireland

The magic of Ireland cast a spell on our whole family. Whether we are exploring coastal villages or trying our hand at falconry, it remains our favorite return destination. 



I’ve been visiting the Bahamas since I was a child; nothing compares to the Bahamian culture, stunning beaches, and delightful flamingo encounters.



I saw an entirely new city with my children than from the one I had lived in during my student days. Paris is always a good idea.



We’re Orlando experts. We’ve done it ALL many times, and we love sharing it with our family and friends most.



On one trip to one of my favorite cities, we sampled seven different afternoon teas in search of the best. There’s no such thing as too many scones.


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